Transformer di "American Idol" ?


dah lame tak update blog. Itu disebabkan banyak gile kerja rumah yang membuatkan pariz gila tahap gaban. Hari ini pariz nak cerita tentang ade Transformer di American Idol. Jap jap nak tiup habokk dari blog niy.. Fuhh ! okey kite sambong :) macam niy dah name pon American. Sah sah laa bende pelik pelik yang berlaku :)

ini pariz jumpa dari Budak Kuat Makan

hahaha. semua orang naik gila ! :) ini pendapat artis artis tentang transformer ini :

There are times in your life when it seems like a good idea to turn up at an American Idol audition dressed as a Transformer. If so, then let the story of Drew Beaumier be a lesson to you, good people.
Mr Beaumier (whose info screen describes him as "bartender/autobot") auditions as a red Ford Mustang. The significance of the Ford product placement is not lost on Randy Jackson, who's seen his fair share of Ford adverts on American Idol before. Just never in the audition room.
Drew actually auditions in full suit, but messes up the lyrics. It's a ridiculous audition, although I'd have loved to see if he was actually serious. I really do believe that you've got to make the judges remember you, but maybe this was misplaced?
Steven Tyler says: "Your outfit was so slammin', I like your voice. I don't know what to do! (whispers) Joking..."
And then the judges send him back to his garage, but not before Tyler asks him how many miles he gets to the gallon!
Fast facts: Drew Beaumier
  • Name : Drew Beaumier
  • Age : 24
  • From : Fountain Valley, California
  • Occupation : Bartender/Autobot
  • Sings Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf
Okey laa itu sahaja ! assalamualaikumm & byebye :) 

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